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Tech desk service lead | Tech savvy? You could be our tech desk volunteer

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

As a tech desk lead, it's your responsibility to set up, operate and maintain the sound, visual and lighting at a Sunday service. You will be responsible for preparing the service presentations ahead of service day, ensuring everything is set up ready for the service to start and leading those who may be working with you to ensure they know what to do.

Skills | coping under pressure - tech savvy - willingness to learn - problem solver

Time | up to 4 hours per session

1 hour set up before service / 1 hour service / 30 minute set down plus 1.5 hours prep in the few days before the service.

Commitment | 10 volunteers to volunteer around 5 or 6 times a year.

The team: Tech team

Our tech team do exactly what you might think - they are the gang standing over in the corner at each service making sure all the words, visuals, sound and lights are on when they need to be - and off when their not! They are a team that primarily support services (usually Sundays) but from time to time are asked to support concerts, events and other activities by mutual agreement. There are some long-standing volunteers as part of the team, led by David Marsden as Tech Desk Volunteer Coordinator - so a great way to volunteer and learn from others.

Is this team for you?

You’d be perfect for this team if you feel confident using a computer and have experience of preparing and projecting presentations and things in the past. Everything else can be taught. At times these are intense roles with a level of pressure - particularly when things go wrong, but they are rewarding and there is some real skills learnt on the job.


As a tech desk lead, you'll need to:

  • Set up mics, lights and the tech desk before the service, ready for when people start to arrive

  • Test the equipment to make sure it works

  • Ensure all the service elements run smoothly, including our

    • presenter software, making sure we’re showing the audience the right things, or

    • Sound kit, making sure the mics are in use and the sound is the right level for any speakers

    • Filming kit for live streaming of service as and when required

  • select, position, adjust and operate the equipment used for amplification and recording

  • anticipate and correct any problems

  • Set down all kit, making sure everything is packed away safely

  • consult with ministers or local preachers leading the service to determine the tech requirements during the week before the service

  • set up our presenter software so we have the visual kit set up with songs, readings, clips and presentations as required

  • Act as lead on the tech desk during the service, directing requirements for the technicians supporting you and leading of any technical problems as they appear

  • Arrive at least 30 mins before the service to set up the tech desk, including checking all set up correctly

  • Ensure the tech desk is locked up correctly at the end of the service, with all items secured

Skills you'll need

  • stamina, self-motivation and patience

  • good understanding of using computers, particularly powerpoint and the internet

  • the ability to work as part of a team

  • problem-solving ability

  • good sense of timing and swift reactions.

  • excellent communication skills

  • attention to detail

  • general technical ability, dexterity and agility

It would be an advantage if you have used any tech desk software in the past, or have a wider knowledge of IT - but its not essential!

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