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Communications support | whizz with social media or a budding journalist?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Skills | enthusiasm - communication - sniffing out the story - engagement

Time | 2 hours per session

30 minute set up before service / 30 minute serving straight after the service / 30 minutes washing up and tidy up after refreshments finished

Commitment | 1-5 volunteers to volunteer around 4-6 times a year

The team: Communications Team

At Emmanuel we do so many amazing things and want to ensure we both shout about them, and ensure people know about them so they can join us. Our communication's team is the team who ensure our website is up to date, our social media shares our stories and engages the local community to ensure people know about what's going on and how they can get involved.

They are a committed team - who work together to get our news out there. They take the strain together to respond to enquiries and share the load for publishing content monthly.

Is this team for you?

You’d be perfect for this team if you are tech-savvy and are willing to give a block of time for a few months a year. We try to plan ahead, so all posts can be done in blocks, and then the team share the load to respond to enquires and comments as and when needed.


  • posting on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter, including private groups

  • promoting our events and activities as much as we can, wherever we can

  • write stories up on the difference we've made

  • write press releases to promote our work

  • update our website monthly

  • contact groups who use our space to see if they have activities we can promote for them

  • contact local groups to promote our activities

  • promote our venue as a place to rent

  • create flyers as and when required

Skills you'll need

  • communication

  • good level of english

  • ability to use social media and website editing software

  • willingness to get stuck in

  • responsiveness

  • hands-on ability to do tasks given to you

  • knowledge of media, press releases or promotion and marketing would be advantageous but not essential

This is a great opportunity to get hands-on skills in this world - or put some of those skills you already have to use! It can be done whenever you can - there is no specific times needed - making this a great flexible role to volunteer for! Sign up now.

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