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Open to everyone, our lively Church at Emmanuel is open everyday and all are always welcome!

Our services

Led by Ministers, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders, our services are a mix of tradition, contemporary worship and a time of reflection. 

be still
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New to attending Church? Read our quick guide below.

Say hello

The main entrance to the Church is up the stairs or ramp. You’ll enter the main foyer and will be greeted by our welcome team and shown into the sanctuary (the main church room). If you’ve come alone and would like to sit with someone for them to chat to you, just tell us and we’ll make sure that happens.


Wear anything

Be comfortable! Some people feel the need to wear their best suit and tie; others feel more comfortable in a pair of denims – we don’t mind what you wear.  In the hot weather you may want to wear shorts!  If you are attending a wedding or funeral then your host may have an expectation of a dress code.  


Sit anywhere

Other than the obvious places like at the piano, on the stage or at the sound desk, sit wherever you feel most comfortable.  If you are unfamiliar with Emmanuel, it may be good to sit near the back then you can observe what's happening.  Perhaps near the back door so you can make a quick exit if we’re too scary… 


The traditions

We’ve listed a few things that may happen during the service to help you feel more comfortable if you’ve never been to one before:

  • It’s traditional to stand (if you are able) to sing and to sit down at other times.  When the collection is taken people may stand as it is brought to the front - don't know why - it's tradition!

  • Children are always welcome in our services. And you don’t need ot be worried about keeping them quiet. But if you are, there are toy bags available for small children to use, and an area in one of our rooms should you prefer to go out. We also provide child and young people-friendly sessions during the service (for 3 to 18 year old’s) that anyone can attend.

  • Everyone is invited to have communion at Emmanuel - you don't need to be a member, a Methodist, be baptised, confirmed or anything else. We serve non-alcoholic wine.

  • If you don't know the song or the tune, just stand or sit quietly; join in when you can.

  • It is perfectly OK to leave the service part way through.

  • There is usually a collection taken at every service. As a first-time visitor, feel free not to contribute to the collection or contribute if you wish – it’s entirely up to you. Just pass the collection plate on.

  • After the service you can enjoy a cup of tea of coffee and biscuits. Just follow the crowd. 



We facilitate many other ways for people to get involved in exploring or developing their faith.

Prayer meetings

Held monthly on the first Thursday at 7.30pm, people from across the Emmanuel community come together to pray for others and situations locally, nationally and across the world. If you have a specific prayer request, please get in touch.

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My name….

Please pray for….

Keep anonymous yes/no

Would you like us to get in touch with you to prayer directly? Yes / no

If yes add email / phone boxes



Prayer focus

Each week we focus prayer on specific streets around Emmanuel and for groups who use our Church premises. If you have a specific prayer request, please get in touch.

Prayer chain

Is a virtual group who pray for situations, often for those in crisis. If you have a specific prayer request, please get in touch.


Connect through Housegroups

Housegroups is our connection network where we study the Bible, pray and enjoy fellowship together. They encourage each other, help each other to live a Christian life, study the Bible and help us develop as disciples of Jesus.


Most groups meet every two weeks at different places, but some meet more regularly, or less so – to suit all needs. nd there’s always a cuppa or a snack!


Housegroups become a small group of real friends, where burdens can be shared, joys can be celebrated together and where members can find encouragement from each other.


Im interested in getting involved. Here are my details for you to get in touch with me to find out more!

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