About us

Open to everyone, our lively Church at Emmanuel is open everyday and all are always welcome!

Emmanuel Methodist Church

Based just outside the centre of Barnsley, we are a community Church that seeks to make a difference in the world by working out in a practical way our Christian faith.

With activities for all ages happening every day, we love to welcome new people. Hundreds of people use our Church regularly – with many more attending events, concerts and more. We see that as an opportunity for people to see God’s love in action and have the opportunity to find out more – regardless of where they are in their faith journey. 

Central to our activity is ensuring there is time to meet God.

We hold worship twice on a Sunday to ensure we cater for different needs and hold events and other opportunities throughout the year for people to explore their Christian faith.

From toddler groups, youth groups and groups for those a ‘little’ older, we serve the community in different ways to ensure people can make friends.

And mixed into all we do is giving opportunity for people to gain new skills, grow in confidence and live life better.

Our mission encompasses all of this. To meet God, make friends, and live life better.

What we do

In a typical week at Emmanuel we provide a varied programme for Christians as well as people who are exploring Christianity for the first time. 


Worship, bible study, prayer, mutual support and care are regarded as central features of our church life.

Who we are

We’re part of the North West Church in the Barnsley Methodist Circuit. Made up of 23 Churches we exist to spread God’s word and live out his word through our action.

Find out more about this at www.barnsleymethodist.org.uk

We’re led by our Ministers, who are supported by our Trustees and our Leadership Team. The trustees and leadership team are made up from members of the Church family who have skills they can offer to enable the day to day running of the church.


I coordinate our Leadership team, including organising all our meetings ensuring things get done


I am part of the Leadership Team leading on Property matters 


I am one of the Ministers and part of the Leadership Team


I am one of the Ministers and part of the Leadership Team


I am part of the Leadership Team leading on Children & Young People work


I lead the Leadership Team, chairing the team, and leading on communications


I am part of the Leadership Team leading on ministry


I am part of the Leadership Team leading on outreach work


I am part of the Leadership Team leading on all Health & Safety  matters


I am part of the Leadership Team leading on all finance matters


Built in 2002 and costing in excess of £1.4 million, our members funded much of this project, many of whom still attend Emmanuel today.


The weekly collection is our main source of income to keep the Church running. On average it costs around £15 - £20 per week per Church member to operate Emmanuel - extra money allows us to donate to good causes. Other income is generated through rent, grants and donations – usually to run projects or activities. You can find out more about our activities and our financial position in our annual report.

Our activities

I coordinate our Leadership Team, including organising our meetings 

We are here to serve the local community.

Through activities, projects, fundraising and prayer, we ensure we understand local needs and work to support solutions that will have the biggest impact. We also ensure our facilities are available for everyone. This includes being cost effective to hire. But we do so much more. Social isolation projects for over 50’s, afternoon tea’s, schools work and community groups are just some of the things we do to ensure we actively live out God’s mission.


We are here to help those in need.

We challenge injustice and want to be a loving neighbour to people in need.  That’s why our reach is wider than Barnsley. We work to support overseas mission, national charities and causes that our Church family feel are important. These include support for Christian Aid, Breast Cancer UK, Mind and Africa with Love. We’re a fairtrade Church. Which means that where possible we promote the use of ethical goods. Only Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolate should be served at functions and events.  We also encourage you to buy ethically produced goods.  We have a Fairtrade shop this is open each Sunday after the main service.


We are here to support people develop their relationship with God.

We believe in the power of the Good News of Jesus, which brings transformation and real hope to people’s lives. Therefore we share the message of the Bible and encourage others to become followers of Jesus Christ through opportunities to explore their faith. These could be discipleship courses, Housegroups, prayer, or different forms of worship.


Why not come along and try Emmanuel for yourself?  We are a Church that is lively, geared for all ages, and has something to offer to everyone. 


We would love to welcome you.