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Emmanuel weekly newsletter - 13 August 2023

Hello, and welcome to our newsletter.

Loads of stuff for you to read about and take part in. It's the school holidays, so many children's activities' leaders are taking a well earned break.

We hope you have all had a good week.

If I have left anything out of the newsletter, or put anything in that's not happening, this week please let me know and I will send a message out separately. If you wish anything adding for future newsletters please also let me know, and I will add it assuming there is room to do so. Editor's decision is final, as they say.

Attached to this email are:

Emmanuel Newsletter

Have we got your details right?

Eco-Fest flyer

Many thanks, God bless. Have a great weekend.

The Leadership Team

Newsletter 230813
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Have we got your details right form - updated(v1)
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ECO fest flyer Sept 23
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