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Help us help Christian Aid

Today marks the start of Christian Aid week.

Christian Aid are a partnership of people, churches and local organisations committed to ending poverty worldwide. They work across the globe supporting the most vulnerable in society.

As this virus continues to affect us across the UK, we must remember that it too spreads across the world, affecting many places. We must continue to support our neighbours both near and far.

At Emmanuel each year we recognise the valuable work of Christian Aid and support them through events, fundraising and awareness. This year is no different.

Whilst we are not physically in our building and can’t raise funds in the traditional way, we hope we can share awareness digitally this week and that those who see it will share with their friends and much needed funds will be raised. We will share stories throughout the week to show the huge impact Christian Aid have – when funded by everyone.

Find out more here

And give what you can to the work they continue to do each and every day. Donate now.

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