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Leading the way

During August we set about the mammoth task of getting our Church building covid-secure and ready to reopen. Whilst as a church community we have not closed, the building has. And we know how important it is for people to have a place to meet God, share in fellowship face to face and connect again. So we got to work!

Alongside all the practical changes, paperwork, approvals, meetings and assessments we’ve needed to do, one of our members had the great suggestion that we should mark our journey back by getting our church family to paint a pebble with a memory, message, design or verse to mark their return and lead the way to our sanctuary and worship. And that’s what we did!

Our pebble path started at the bottom and slowly grew to include over 120 pebbles and reached our doors just in time!

This Sunday marks the first big milestone of holding in-person worship for the first time in 26 weeks. And following a short period to make sure our times of worship are a success, we will begin to slowly open our doors more for groups and activities.

Our pebble path will be in place for all those to see as they begin to meet again. Once we‘re fully reopened, we plan to use it as an outreach tool to share as a permanent reminder of the time we’ve connected differently. And as a sign of hope for others of a path to lead to a community. A family.

This path Does not point us to a place that is going back to how it was. But to a fresh start. With a renewed sense of purpose, meaning and connection to truly enable people to meet God, make friends, live life better.

Join us on Sunday for in-person worship - 10am. Or if that doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. We’re still continuing to share worship together online Via our Facebook page.

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