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Plans to resume activities in a safe way

With lockdown slowly easing, here at Emmanuel we’re busy planning the slow return of services and activities.

First will be Sunday church services. We resumed a single service on Sunday’s at 10am like last year, this week - 2 May. This is to ensure social distancing, cleaning and safety protocols can be adhered to.

Once this has rolled out successfully we will look at other areas, including toddlers, children’s activities (including Sunday roots groups), young people activities and coffee groups for adults.

Realistically, we do not expect these activities to start until June at the earliest. And in some cases, due to the nature of the activity it may not return until after the usual summer break. This is because of the level of social distancing and protocols still required currently. This does keep changing though and be assured if we can open sooner, we will.

We know many of our community are excited for the return of some of our activities - particularly toddler group. But we are taking a cautious approach to ensure we keep everyone safe, build confidence in our network of volunteers again to be able to run these activities safely, and ensure anything we start delivering is resourced appropriately and is what our community needs.

In the meantime the Leadership Team are contacting all those who attended our activities to get feedback, ideas and suggestions for the future - so please look out for this and help us ensure what we do offer is what you want.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will happily keep you informed via our Emmanuel updates if you would like to. Just reply back to this email and say yes and I will pass your details on.

If you want to be kept informed about the reopening of any of our services, please complete the contact us form at the bottom of this page.

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