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Staying safe

We are opening our doors!

Our new guidelines to keep you safe at Church


We have developed new procedures and made changes to ensure we keep everyone attending a Church service or any other activity being held at Church, safe.


We are a covid-secure building. 


We ask all visitors to the building to be respectful of others. Masks can continue to be worn should you feel safer doing so. Sanitiser is still available all around the building. And cleaning continues regulalrly with our cleaning team, including sanitising high-traffic areas.


Everyone feels differently about Covid, and therefore we ask that people maintain their distance if you do not know people well, and particularly if people witihn the building are wearing masks.   .

We're fully open but remain careful - and should there be any changes we will continue to publish them here. 

Keeping you safe

We ensure the safety of everyone who uses our Church and take safeguarding seriously . District Safeguarding Officer - Alison Hill

Circuit Safeguarding Officer - Mary Reason

NW Safeguarding Officer - Alison Padgett

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