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Flower arrangers | A creative flare and love of nature?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Skills | creative - artistic - patience - care

Time | 3-4 hours per session

Commitment | 5 volunteers to volunteer every 4-6 weeks

The team: Ministry Team

At Emmanuel we believe in ministry through different routes, and one of those is through our flower ministry each week. It's an important part of our service to God, expressing the love, gratitude and faith we have in Him each week. To do this we need committed volunteers to serve the Emmanuel Family in this way.

They are a committed team - who work together and ensure each week we have amazing arrangements to see in our Sunday service. The flowers are then bundled after the service and given to those in our prayer chain who need our love and care.

Is this team for you?

You’d be perfect for this team if you have a passion for creating something, a passion for flowers, a passion for all things creative. It's a very missional role, one which gives you time in quiet contemplation using the tools around you to give in service. You'll work either alone or in pairs quietly bringing together a creative arrangement each week, usually on a Saturday (but could be done at a time to suit you ahead of the Sunday service).


  • purchasing flowers at a cost effective level

  • attending church to arrange the flowers into suitable arrangements for the weekly service

  • ensuring flowers are then bundled into enough batches after the sunday service to give out

Skills you'll need

  • patience

  • care

  • willingness to get stuck in

  • creative flair

  • hands-on ability to do tasks given to you

You do not need to have experience - our flower team will support you to get the skills to feel confident to do the arrangements on your own! Sign up now.

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