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Musicians | Hold a note or play it in some way?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Skills | creative - confidence - leader - service - ability to sing or play music

Time | 2-4 hours per session

from 2 hours practice plus 1 hour service with 30 minutes set up before

Commitment | 10-12 volunteers to volunteer every 4-6 weeks

The team: Worship Team

At Emmanuel we believe in ministry through different routes, and one of those is through our worship ministry each week. It's an important part of our service to God, expressing the love, gratitude and faith we have in Him each week. To do this we need committed volunteers to serve the Emmanuel Family in this way.

They are a committed team - who work together and ensure each week we have amazing music in our Sunday service to worship God.

Is this team for you?

You’d be perfect for this team if you love to sing, dance, play music or hold a note in whatever form you can. We'd love to find more organists or pianists to lead our services, and others to join our worship team to lead monthly services as a group of musicians - guitarists, drummers, keyboards, pianists, singers - anything! So if you can hold a tune or learning and want the practice too - please volunteer - you can give as much or as little as you are able - once a year or every week - the choice is yours!


  • practicing the song list for the Sunday service

  • play an instrument alone or as part of a team

  • lead worship songs for the service

  • lead music on a Sunday morning, or at ad-hoc events

  • lead worship services from time to time

Skills you'll need

  • patience

  • creative

  • confidence

  • ability to lead

  • ability to sing or play music

  • willingness to learn

  • teamworker

You do not need to have experience - our worship team will support you to get the skills to feel confident to lead on your own! Sign up now.

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