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Garden Maintenance helper | An outdoor-type thats good with a mower?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Skills | outdoors - teamwork - willingness to get stuck in - manual work

Time | 1.5-2 hours per session

The sessions can last as long or as short as you are able to give

Commitment | 6-8 volunteers to volunteer around 4 times a year

The team: Maintenance Team

With outdoor space that includes grassed areas, flowers, plants and trees we take pride in ensuring our garden areas are maintained and look welcoming. Our dedicated maintenance team ensure gardens are maintained, small-scale improvements are carried out and we are welcoming to all the community.

They are a committed team - who work hard maintaining whats needed, and work together to ensure we keep on top of everything. It's a seasonal role, and gives limited time commitment for those who wish to give but doesn't have much time to do it in.

Is this team for you?

You’d be perfect for this team if you enjoy pruning, weeding and cutting the lawn. You’ll be good at manual work, and able to work under your own steam - this team is very independent - you will work together to agree who is doing what - and after that the tasks can be done under your own steam when it's convenient!


To carry out general weeding, trimming and garden maintenance depending on the year.

Skills you'll need

  • ability to weed, cut grass and carry out manual work

  • willingness to get stuck in

  • hands-on ability to do tasks given to you

  • pride in making the gardens look good

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